Antique Style Metal Hanging Baskets Set of 2

Set of 2 Antique Style Metal Hanging Baskets. These cute vintage baskets come in two different sizes and can hang at varying lengths. With a lattice style trim and shallow metal pan insert these pieces can be used for just about anything. Perfect for a hanging candle display or even bird seed these rustic pieces will add farmhouse country charm to any outdoor living space! Dimensions: 18" tall x 12.25" diameter 14.5"tall x 10.25"diameter Set of 2 removable 2"deep metal trays New item For those that are unable to watch the video or who may have a hearing impairment here is the transcript.  Enjoy Outdoor Decorating Ideas Vintage Style.  This is Jennifer here at City Farmhouse Antiques and I'm here to show you our item of the week. We just got these adorable metal and wrought iron hanging baskets and you can see they have a real cute criss cross design on the bottom and the nice part about these is they don't have holes in the bottom. You can use them for just about anything. You have a set of two with these and I plan to use one to put water in for the birds and the other one for my bird seed to keep it up and away from the cats. A lot of people like to use them for candles. Candles out on the patio or as a tabletop display in the evening. These are battery operated pillar candles perfect for hanging. These would be great for weddings, anniversary parties or any evening occassion. Here in the southwest you can use them all year long. You could put some spanish moss down around the bottom of your candles. They are cute and fun and bring a little bit of vintage farmhouse style to your patio. With that, enjoy and you can check them out at the store at

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