Mata Ortiz Pottery Hanging Canteen Jug Signed Octavio Gonzalez with Artist Photo

Mata Ortiz Hanging Canteen Jug.  Included is a signed photograph of the artist. Dimensions:  9" t x 8", 13" (when hanging)  Condition - Excellent, note minor marks to back side

Hi, this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with the Find of the Week.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about Mata Ortiz Pottery.  This is a beautiful piece of Mata Ortiz pottery that I am in the process of shipping out to Beverly Hills this morning, but these pieces were actually invented by the artist Juan Quezada on the high plains of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico about 150 miles from the Arizona and New Mexico borders.  Juan taught himself how to make this pottery based on the adobe ruins of the prehistoric Casas Grandes culture. When he saw some of these artifacts he taught himself how to work with the clay and work with the colors to replicate this old pottery.  In 1976, Spencer MacCallum, an American anthropologist, actually found some of Juan’s pieces in a curio shop in New Mexico and was so enamored by the pottery he wanted to find the artist himself.  He really made Juan’s art famous.  Here is what you call an effigy pot of an owl, and here is a canteen that is done in a different style that you can see here. Look at all the attention to detail on this piece. What I like about this piece is that it comes with a photograph from the artist in Mexico that made it, while he was making it which is a neat little memento to have when you are keeping collectible pottery.  These are effigy pieces in a metallic graphite finish that are black.  You will notice that all the pieces are signed on the bottom by the different artists.  Here is another effigy pot that is made by another artist.  There really are hundreds of potters now that make all different styles of pieces, but they have become quite collectible depending upon what style you like.  I wanted to share with a little about Mata Ortiz pottery because it is unique to our neck of the woods and give you a little history behind it.  So that is our Find of the Week.  I will let you see this whole pot in all of its glory.  It is just magnificent.  One other thing, you want to be really careful with finishes like this because they are so delicate and you can see the detail.  You want to make sure you don’t let anything abrasive close to it.  I don’t even wrap them with paper.  Tissue paper may be okay, but even when you display these pots homemade tissue pieces can be made as a protective rest if they don’t have a base to keep the bottom from scratching. This one here has a felt base that you can make to protect it from the iron base. So that is our Find of the Week.  Be sure and check us out on Facebook and give us a like and on our website where we have more than just antiques.

Collections: Art Pottery, Southwest, Vintage

Category: Ceramic|South west decor|Southwest Pottery

Type: Unknown Type

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