Antique Style Resin Poodle Dog Statue

This antique style resin poodle will make anyone feel at home whether standing guard inside the house or outside to greet your guests. The perfect pet, no walking, no house training, or feeding required.  This is a new piece made to look distressed.  This piece is priced without the crown, unless requested. Dimensions 26" tall x 10" x 8"  We recommend applying a thin coat of clear, matte, non-yellow polyurethane at the beginning and end of each season before placing the product outdoors.


Hi, this is Jennifer with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with the find of the week that we post on Fridays on the Facebook page and the website.  I am here with these adorable little resin puppy dogs.  You can see that is the poodle and they are made to look vintage and made to look old.  They are resin and you can set them outside or inside. You have two choices.  You are not going to believe what this little guy is.  Everybody loves these……you get a sneak peak, they are pretty substantial for being resin, it’s a Boston!  You can see the two of them together.  They come separately, it is your choice if you have a preference.  There is a Boston and then there is the taller poodle.  Hey, it is the puppy that doesn’t need potty training. It’s the puppy that doesn’t have to go to the vet and you don’t have to feed it. This dog can just sit there and you don’t have to even worry about the barking.  So they are also going to come with a cute adornment.  There you can see and get an idea of their features up close.  They are made to look old. Too bad they don’t have Chihuahuas!  Here in New Mexico everybody loves Chihuahuas. Now you can get a good idea of how big they are next to Cocoa Bean. You can see how cute they are with the crown. If you order a Boston he will come with a crown, or if you order a poodle he will come with the crown. I will show you what the poodle looks like with the crown.  You can put it on or take it off. Everybody has their own preferences.  There you have it.  Check us out on our website at where you can see all of our products.  Like us on Facebook and definitely come check us out.  We definitely have more than just antiques. Until next week have a great day!

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