A Collector's Piece from the Frogman Tim Cotterill

March 26, 2021

A Collector's Piece from the Frogman Tim Cotterill Our one of kind bronzes can be found here. Video Transcription: Hi, it's Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with this week's find of the week and you are never going to guess who the artist is on this piece. First of all, if you love frogs you are going to love this artist. This is a bronze, done by Frogman, Tim Cotterill and Tim Cotterill was born in England in 1950 and he is known for is frogs. In fact, he is one of the most famous bronze artists out there because of his frogs. He never intended to make bronzes, much less bronzes of frogs, but these whimsical little pieces are so fun to collect people just can't get enough of his work and love them! This artist has over 200 limited edition pieces he has made of nothing but frogs. He left school when he was just 15 years old and became an electrical engineer apprentice. He loved working with metal which became a hobby and went into landscape design and with his love for metal work he began to work on radical wheel vehicles and in the 1970's he began working on little pieces like birds and animals. With his trips to California he was always intrigued by California, who isn't right? It is such a beautiful place with such a diverse population of people that like so many things. He started selling his pieces in California in the 70's and people went crazy over them. He eventually moved to Venice Beach and still lives there today and has since become an American citizen. He is so famous for his frogs he has become known as the Frogman Tim Cotterill. He has gone back to making more of is true passions, like birds. You can see the brilliant color on these frogs and I love the lady bug trademark that is on his pieces. His pieces are all signed and marked. This was a Valentine's Day Release and you can see this frog rests inside a bronze heart and is signed and dated. This little guy will be up on our website at www.cityfarmhouseantiques.com where we have more than just antiques and go give us a like on Facebook. Tell us what you collect. Do you collect frogs? If you collect frogs, and a lot of people do, we have frogs for the garden and this piece is completely different so our frog lovers are going to go completely crazy over this little guy. See you all next week!

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