An Heirloom by Jay Strongwater

January 02, 2021

An Heirloom by Jay Strongwater

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Video Translation: Hi this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with our last find of the week for 2020 and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and I think we are all so ready for the new year.  I left this out of the box because I am scared to death to turn this around while I am holding my phone. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous piece! I don't know if you can tell who the maker is or the artisan, very, very popular none other than Jay Strongwater.  This is an egg and it rests on top of these beautiful jeweled elephants. This is a very rare piece with only 300 ever made. Jay Strongwater actually began his career making these pieces while going to school in Rhode Island at the Rhode Island School of Design. What a story.  These are actually not antiques, but collectibles. He started his business in 1980.  His pieces are noted for being very elaborate and jeweled.  He uses hundreds of Swarovski crystals to design his pieces in the finest of detail.  No detail is left undone.  You can see that this piece is done with such fine detail.  Look at the back of this little monkey.  It is finely and intricately made with each and every little crystal. When you come down you can see the birds and look at these elephants they are adorable.  There are jewels, Swarovski crystals, on the insides of each ear, around every ankle and up each of their trunks. I am going to turn it so you can see it a little better.  The base is footed down at the bottom of the piece. This piece is just exquisite. It stands about 10 inches tall. There you can see the elephant's trunk. Can you see how cute that is. There is a different safari or jungle design as you turn the egg on each side. There is the giraffe. There you can see the monkey again.  This piece us just beautiful.  This piece is definitely a collectible.  Really it is an heirloom piece. There were only 300 made so they are very, very rare. So you could probably sit this somewhere and display it is what you would want to do and it is in such impeccable condition. It has the original tags, the original box, the certificate of authenticity and is just in beautiful, beautiful condition.  Here you can see the toucan, the zebra. Jay Strongwater makes all types of pieces.  He makes anything from home decor pieces like picture frames to jewelry to heirloom pieces like this one.  He started out making jewelry and then when people had such encouraging responses to his jewelry he continued to make jewelry and expanded to making other pieces for home decor and collectibles for those that collect his pieces. This is our last find of the week of 2020. Be sure and be sure and check out all antiques and fine collectibles on our website at where we have more than just antiques. Be sure and give us a like over on the Facebook page. You can see we have all the paperwork for this piece over on the side. Look forward to seeing you in 2021. Happy New Year! 

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