Boehm Porcelain Ruffed Grouse Sculpture

September 18, 2021 1 Comment

Boehm Porcelain Ruffed Grouse Sculpture Find our entire collection of rare and collectible porcelain figurines. Video Translation: Hi, it's Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and like I had said, we received some beautiful and very rare porcelain bird sculptures. Not all of them are birds, but most of them are birds and they are absolutely gorgeous. This is a very rare set. This is the ruffed grouse set from Boehm. Each piece is about 12 inches tall. They are absolutely stunning. Look at the feathering. They are done in such impeccable detail. Here you can see the green and ruffed feathers. These are all hand painted and all hand done. Here is the other piece with all the babies. These are dated 1977. This is a fairly rare set. They are number 5 out of the limited edition. I'm not going to flip them over to show you. I just don't want to one handed. I'm too scared! Aren't these absolutely beautiful? Definitely a great gift for the bird collector. They come as a pair the male and the female and she has all of her babies there. They are just done in such detail. They are just adorable. We will have all of our new porcelain Boehm figurines up on our website at where of course we have more than just antiques and please go give us a like on our Facebook page. Here you can see the back of this one. The mottling of the feathers is so life like. We will see you next week!

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