Care of Antiques

June 20, 2016

Care of Antiques

I am a believer in that a little dust never hurt anybody, especially here in the southwest, but what about your antiques? That could be a different story. It’s true, a little dust shouldn’t cause any worry, but a thick layer of dust can combine with moisture, smoke, and oil and deteriorate the finish of your antiques by clogging the pores.

Antiques due to their age should be treated with a little more respect than the average piece of furniture. Cleaning antiques can be done by misting a soft cotton cloth with distilled water and gently wiping down the piece following the direction of the grain. Check furniture for any loose inlays that could be lifted by the cloth. Don’t dust with a dry cloth as it can scratch the furniture from the build up. A brush can also be used to clean detailed areas. Happy cleaning.

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