Collectible Folk Art Makes for Great Conversation Pieces to Display in the Home

October 04, 2020

Collectible Folk Art Makes for Great Conversation Pieces to Display in the Home

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Video Translation: This is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I have the coolest find for you this week. Very different, this piece takes us into a little folk art. Tons of people collect folk art. Especially here in New Mexico and in the Southwest there is some really cool folk art and this piece is no exception. It is an eclectic piece and a great conversation starter. If you look at this wood carving and you see the sunglasses you can see how the artist painted the reflection of the horse. This is an actual characteristic of the artist and how he does most of his sculptures.  The artist is Harrison Juan who is a wood sculptor or wood carver who learned how to make wood carvings from his uncle as a kid. He would help gather cottonwood pieces off the San Juan river for his uncle and then he learned how to make carvings himself. He likes to make carvings that depict reservation life. This piece has leather chaps and the cool part is he has his wife with him. She is  my favorite. I am going to pull her out for you. Here she comes. She is really colorful. So, here is his wife. I guess it doesn't have to be his wife she could be his girlfriend right? Anyway, her glasses...that is the cute part. You can see the reflection of the horse in her glasses too as they are both looking at the same horse in the desert sun.  She is signed on the bottom so I know they are a set. Look at the detail on the saddle. They both have some wear and they are made out of a big piece of cottonwood so sometimes with time they will crack in certain areas. Here he has a little bit of cracking here. It is not real bad. She has some too. When you turn her around the artist has gone to the trouble of detailing the back of her skirt. Look at the pockets on her skirt. Isn't she cute? So where would you put these? Do you know anyone that collects folk art? A lot of people buy it I will tell you that. It goes really well in a home with southwest decor or a rustic lodge type look where people use collectibles to decorate their home. These are definitely one of a kind pieces and definitely what you would call conversation pieces that you would put out somewhere out on a table or as part of a collection. Maybe you don't even have a collection but you want a conversation piece out in your home. Anyway, these are super cool. The artist is a New Mexican artist Harrison Juan. We have a lot of folk art pieces, southwest pieces, and Native American collectibles on our website at where we have more than antiques. Message us and tell us where you would put this piece in house.    

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