Collecting Antique Depression Glass

January 22, 2019 1 Comment

Collecting Antique Depression Glass

Collecting antique depression glass always makes me think of the Spring.  The fresh pastels of this old, thin glass make any table setting fresh and cheerful.  The soft patterns and colors are beautiful mixed and matched together for a romantic table setting with antique and vintage linens and fabrics. Accenting a table made up with depression glass is easy to do with fresh florals, nests and birds. Even intermingling the colors of larger and smaller pieces make the colors pop. 

Depression glass is relatively inexpensive depending upon the pattern and how sought after or rare it is.  In the 1960's depression glass began to gain in popularity among collectors.  This glass was machine produced first made in the Ohio Valley back in the 20's and 30's and during the Great Depression these pieces could be found as free gifts in boxes of cereal or detergent or free with movie ticket purchases.  This cheaply made glass came in a multitude of more than a hundred patterns in colors of green, pink, blue, white, clear, red, and yellow and every shade in between. Expect to find most of these pieces to show wear such as scratches on the glass.  After all, these pieces were considered to be for every day use. 

As with everything, there are also plenty of reproductions on the market.  If you are serious about collecting look closely at the patterns and colors of authentic pieces even if you need to look at pictures online.  Normally with all the information online it is easy to "study up" ahead of time on a particular pattern of interest to learn small discrepancies in detail to be able to decipher between a reproduced piece and the real thing.  Know the original colors the pattern came in.  Different shades of color can sometimes be a clue if the coloring doesn't match the original make of a pattern.  There are also many books available to help you navigate your search. 

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