Follow Me to See These Adorable Hanging Lanterns

September 18, 2021

Follow Me to See These Adorable Hanging Lanterns Find our candle holders and garden lanterns here. Video Translation: Hi, it's Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with this week's find of the week on this beautiful fall day. I wanted to take you back here and show you these cute lanterns. On the chicken coop is where I have these beautiful hanging lanterns displayed.. I had previously bought myself a different set as you can see over there. However, I like these better. I just had not found them yet. These beautiful tear drop shape lanterns are very long. They actually hang about 24 inches. They have a little Fleur De lis pattern finial at the top and the top lid lifts off. The glass is a little opaque looking with a vintage style and they have another finial on the bottom.  Here you can see the latch on the front right there. Like I said, they hang about 24 inches in total length and are really, really cute. I know something else that is cute...look at these little fuzz butts. My little silkie babies. Good morning girls! So anyway, be sure and check out all our great one of a kind antique and collectible pieces on our website at Go give us a like on our Facebook page and tell us where you would hang these. I think these would look awesome hanging from a pergola or even from trees, a porch, or a chicken coop. So tell us where you would put these. Message us on our Facebook page or Youtube channel and give us ideas. Have a great week!

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