What Did You Give for a Wedding Gift in 1904?

July 18, 2021 1 Comment

What Did You Give for a Wedding Gift in 1904? Our one of a kind antique and vintage finds:  Video Translation: Good morning! We have all made it to Friday. I don't know about you, but thank goodness we have made it to Friday and I am  here with the Find of the Week. It was a few weeks ago, but we were out antiquing in Colorado and I found this gorgeous piece. I couldn't get it out my mind and I had to go back and see it and eventually make the purchase. Normally when I have that feeling about something and absolutely have to have it and love it, it is a one of a kind piece. With that being said, let me show it to you. It is an antique shadow box. There are just so many good things about this piece because look at this antique porcelain plaque that sits in the middle. It is just exquisite. So you have an antique plaque nestled in a beautiful gold gild rococo frame. You can see how detailed this frame is. Look at this frame. There is a little wear on this frame from age that you can see here. I'm not sure you can see it through the glass. You can see the beading around this porcelain plaque, but look how ornate it is. Then it sits in this beautiful crimson colored what looks like a velveteen box and then the frame itself is just beautiful all on its own of the shadow box. Isn't that beautiful? Just such an exquisite piece. It is about 12 inches by 9 inches wide. It is a small piece, but yet it is a substantial piece and it is just a statement piece. That is why it was a wedding gift. In fact that is one of my favorite things about this piece. On the back of the porcelain piece it is written that this is a picture of the Duchesse of Devonshire and there is a note on the back that says what is stated on the back of the plaque. This was given as a wedding present to Edith Britt and Charlie Hempstead Whitehead dated February 4th of 1904. I just love the stories behind antiques. That is why a lot of us collect them. So this was actually given as a wedding gift so it tells it's own story. It makes sense it would be given as a wedding gift as stately of a piece as it is. Tell us what you think. Do you have anything like this in your family? Do you have an heirloom in your family that was used as a wedding gift and maybe handed down from generation to generation? Tell us a story of something in your family. Be sure and check out all of our antiques on our website at www.cityfarmhouseantiques.com where we have more than just antiques to include collectibles and home and garden decor. I think it is always a great idea to give the gift of garden all year long if you have loved ones that like to work outside like myself. Stay tuned for our next find of the week and be sure and join our subscription so you are always getting the  newest finds of the week because they go fast. Check us out at www.cityfarmhouseantiques.com and go give us a like on Facebook. Have a great rest of the week!

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August 28, 2021

Hi! I looked up your item on cut glass as I started reading Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “The cut glass bowl”. And I went on reading your article “What did you give as a wedding present in 1904?”. Funnily enough, Fitzgerald’s story appears to have been set around that time and starts around a cut glass bowl received as a wedding present !" …. What a coïncidence.

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