Dogs That Won't Destroy the Garden

August 13, 2021 2 Comments

Dogs That Won't Destroy the Garden Find our dog and cat lovers collection. Video Translation: Hi, this is Jennifer here with this weeks find of the week. I am going to give you a hint...this is for a dog lover. Like me, like most of us, we live for our four legged beloved friends. This is a greyhound or some type of hound and is a silhouette statue or figurine. These come in a set of 2. Here is one, and here is the second one. You could put these outside or put them by an entry way. You can really put them anywhere. You can stand them however you want. I have them standing here looking at each other. Let's see if I can get further back without going into the fountain so you can see how cool they look. They are made of sheet metal and made to look distressed with a side of shabby chic. They stand around 3 feet tall and you can position them however you want to. They probably will get better with age as they rust and get their own patina outside. Of course, if you want to protect them just put on a clear coat of Rustoleum. I would let them age gracefully and form their own patina outside, but that is me. They are super cute. These will be up on our website. They are brand new and come in two different styles. Be sure and go check out our website where we have more than just antiques at and go give us a like on Facebook. Tell us what your favorite breed of dog is if you are a dog lover. Mine is the German Shepherd. They are hairy as can be, but I just can't help it. Our shipping manager is out here with me right now. Zeppelin, there he is. Anyway have a good rest of the week and check us out on our website at .

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