Decorating with Antiques in this Week's Find of the Week

August 17, 2020 1 Comment

Decorating with Antiques in this Week's Find of the Week

Video Translation: Hi, this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with this week's find of the week. I am going to give you a hint here...we have a little live one here with us. This is an antique children's push toy and you can see here how big it is next to Cha Cha. He is about 20 inches tall and at the handle is about 24 inches high by about 20 inches long. This was made by the Lines Brothers toy company, one of the biggest British toy manufacturing companies in the world. Their production peaked in the 1940's. You can see this piece works and has all four wheels. These little wooden pieces are what a child would rest their feet on. You can tell this little guy has definitely been loved which I think adds character to a piece. Sometimes with these antiques the more of a patina they have the more of a story they tell. You can see here the wear. Anyone that loves kids, and loves dogs, this is the perfect piece. You can just see how much this little guy was played with and loved. He has some wear to the mohair on the back, but he is just precious with his red collar and the red metal handle. I think he would be super cool to keep in the house like some people keep an antique rocking horse by the fireplace all year long to use as a statement piece. I would put him by a front door or by a fireplace. Here you can see this side. This piece would be great to use as a decoration during the holidays. I would put him by the tree and decorate with him and then leave him out all year. This company, like I mentioned, was at its peak in the 40's and before that the brothers George and Jospeh Lines made wooden toys back in the Victorian era and the company was known as G and J Lines and George was the carpenter and Joseph was more of the businessman behind the operation. Joseph went on to have four sons and three of which went on to develop the Lines Bros Company. Because there are three lines in a triangle and there were three brothers this company was also known as Triang Toys so sometimes you will see antique toys being sold under Triang toys or when researching you may see that, and that is why. Again, these pieces were made from the Lines Brothers Company and very unique pieces which would make a great statement piece.  We will have this antique Fox Terrier children's toy listed up on the website at where we have more than just antiques and be sure and go give us a like on our Facebook Page.

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