Take a Guess at What Type of Figurine This Little Bouquet Rests In?

February 06, 2021 1 Comment

Take a Guess at What Type of Figurine This Little Bouquet Rests In? Our Lladro Collection. Video Translation: Hi, this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with this week's find of the week. Let's see if you can figure out what this is. You can tell that these are flowers and look how intricately they are done with every petal. This piece is made of porcelain. Those are your first hints. Look, no detail is spared. Let' see if I can zoom this out a little bit for you. I'm sure by now you can tell it is a Lladro. This Lladro is titled Springtime in Japan and was issued in 1983. It is a retired piece and is just beautiful. You can see the patterns across the dresses in shades of pale pink accented with indigo blue. Look at the headdresses on these pieces and this piece is in beautiful condition. Look at all the detail. She has an umbrella that detaches there in the back and runs down the inside of her arm. This has the wooden base with velveteen top that is included. Just beautiful. Like I said, this is a retired piece and we have a lot of different Lladro pieces up on our website. A lot of people collect Lladro. They are made in Spain. This piece is a larger piece at about 14 inches by 16 inches. You can see all the intricacies on these pieces because they are all so well made. You can see the flowers there in the bowl she is holding. You have to be so careful when shipping these pieces. What I always urge people to do is of course buy these pieces from a reputable dealer or shop that you know can pack these pieces well because Lladro pieces are just known to break due to the fine detail. It is important to try to buy pieces with original packaging when possible. This piece happens to have the original packaging and inserts which are all in good condition. You can see how well having this piece helps hold it for shipping purposes. Of course, I double box everything. You want to buy from somebody reputable especially if a box is not available because that does happen too and you want someone that knows how to ship these pieces to help you. We have several Lladro pieces up on our website and our collection is always changing as we get new pieces in. A lot of people collect Lladro. I started my mom with a collection. They are nice especially for Mother's Day to start your  mom with a collection, birthdays, or to commemorate life events like having a baby or getting married, or celebrating a profession. These make for a keepsake or heirloom collection and these pieces you can keep forever. There are so many different pieces of Lladro you can collect all different types of pieces and themes. You can collect animals, you can collect Asian pieces like this one, farm scenes, dogs and puppies, little girls, moms with children. Lladro just makes really beautiful figurines so be sure and check out our collection. Tell us if you have a collections and if so, what are your favorite pieces to collect. Message us and let us know. Check out our collection at www.cityfarmhousenatiques.com where we have more than just antiques and go give us a like on Facebook.

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