Garden Statuary

March 18, 2022 2 Comments

Garden Statuary

Find our entire collection of garden statuary. Video Tranlsation: Hi this is Jennifer with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with this week's find of the week. I absolutely love this piece of garden statuary. This is St. Francis. He is the patron saint of all animals and birds and that is why you can see he has a beautiful dove resting on his shoulder. This is actually a bird feeder. Isn't that a gorgeous piece? It is a substantial piece weighing about 15 pounds and is about 20 inches tall by 14 inches and by 14 inches. He is a pretty good size piece. I love the patina on this piece. He is made to look old and has that old earthen style patina. You can see it is a very detailed piece with the creases and coloring in the robe. You could use him as a bird feeder. Some people may want to use this piece as a bird bath. I guess you could, but I don't know about safety wise as far as the patina about birds drinking the water and it's depth is definitely about 5 inches deep so you would need to put a little stick or something inside the bowl so they could get out and maybe seal it with something non-toxic before you use it as a bird bath. Then you could even put one of those solar little bird water fountains that they sell at Wild Birds Unlimited. I like the idea of using this piece as a flower planter as well. I think it would be beautiful with a little 6 inch pot of daffodils or tulips or any flower inside the bowl and then you could just cover up the little plastic pot with moss. This piece is unique in that it makes a great tabletop display, but is also big enough to used on the floor in an entry way or entrance all year long. This piece has a lot of detail and is a great solid piece for the garden. Here you can see the detail on the back. Again, very well made and heavy. It is hard for me to lift with one hand, but there you can get an idea of what the back of his robe looks like. Let's turn him a little bit more. There you can see the detailing better. He is just beautiful. He will be up on our website at where we have more than just antiques and be sure to give us a like on our Facebook page and and sign up for our newsletter because we have a lot of new finds and new pieces that come in all the time. You want to be the first to find out about them because a lot of our pieces will be one of a kind however, not all of them. These bird baths are not, but nonetheless, like our bunnies we just got in they are flying off the shelf. Stay in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter and our YouTube channel. Tell us where you would put this piece. Would you use it outside or inside and would you use it as a planter or birdfeeder? Of course, if you use it as a birdfeeder you have to keep it away from the kitty cats. We will see you next week.

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