Give A Gift That Keeps on Giving

February 16, 2016

Give A Gift That Keeps on Giving

When is Mother’s Day this year?  Mother’s Day is May 8th 2016 this year, and that’s right around the corner. May 8th will be here before we all know it and it’s not too early to think about what might bring a smile to your mother’s face.

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes these days.  Grandma’s are popular mothers, some of us search for surrogate mothers in elderly friends and neighbors.  Some of us are mothers of children with fur and four paws.  Either way it is a good day to celebrate the nurturing soul of a mother.

So what does every mother want on Mother’s Day?  For starters, mothers want a break. Why not breakfast in bed or a day to enjoy each other doing something special without mom having do all the work? Planning a special outing with the family is great, but not if mom is still doing all the work.  You could give mom the gift of a clean house, or a day without cooking. Perhaps it’s as simple as a day, yes one day, when the children make a pact not to fuss. That would definitely be memorable.

Perhaps in your family all the kids have left the nest?  Your no longer there under the same roof to serve mom breakfast in bed? For moms whose children are grown and out of the house why not give mom something special to look at and enjoy all year?

Gift cards are easy to her favorite spa and are great, but let’s face it when the day is over it’s over. Flowers will make you smile for a week and then they too have run their course. Why not give a gift that keeps on giving. What would bring a smile to her face that she may not have the luxury to buy for herself?

Think opposite of appliances, unless it’s an espresso machine, and think about what she may actually like. What are her favorite things to do? Does she enjoy sitting outside on the patio?  What about a nice water fountain or a decorative accent piece at home she would never splurge on for herself?

My favorite idea is starting someone with a collection of their favorite things.  We did this for our mother.  She loves collecting Lladro. Every year on Mother’s Day we buy her a new piece that she can enjoy all year long.  I only wish we could have started her collection earlier.  There are many collectibles that revolve around motherhood. Can you imagine starting a collection earlier for your mother perhaps with the help of dad and the collection and memories mom could look back on each Mother’s Day after her children are grown and out of the house? These pieces are an anchor to your memories that you can cherish for years to come. Everyone remembers the day they received that special gift each time you look at it. Especially if it is something you wouldn’t buy for yourself. This idea holds true not only for Mother’s Day, but is a good gift idea for weddings and holidays.

It’s not too late, but the clock is ticking. This year you may want to consider a gift that keeps on giving the other 364 days of the year. With the Internet, and a credit card, the task can still be gift card simple.

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