Great Gift Ideas for Her on Valentine's Day

February 11, 2022 4 Comments

Great Gift Ideas for Her on Valentine's Day

Find our entire collection of jewelry and vanity boxes. Video Transcription: Hi, this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here this Friday to talk to you about what some great gift ideas for her on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and here at City Farmhouse Antiques we have not only great home decor pieces, but vintage finds and antiques as well. What could be more romantic than jewelry boxes and perfume bottles and yet we never think of giving them as gifts. They are one of a kind, unique heirloom type gifts to give to your sweetheart any time of the year. This is one of my favorite, favorite pieces and in fact I can't believe it is still here. This is a gorgeous French jewelry box. It is all hand painted and hand done. It has wild herons or shorebirds hand painted on top with scalloped gold around the rim. This antique piece is missing the key, but you could easily find a key to put in the lock. This is porcelain, and as you can tell, a very high end, high quality piece. It has hand painted flowers around the sides. You can see it has wear to the gold. It has age to it. It is footed, so it has these little ball feet at the bottom. It is just a gorgeous glass piece and I love the oval shape. It is just beautiful. I think jewelry and trinket boxes are always fun. I'm going to show you another one I have. This one is about the same size, but a little shorter. It is hand painted as well and made in France. With this one, and you probably can't notice, but this is a good lesson. Take a real close look at the right side. I don't know if you can see the line? It is very easy to miss. This has actually been...the paint....I am trying to get the light. There is a line here if you can see it where this piece has been touched up.  I am going to teach you what to look for. You can see here where there is a line that goes across. They did an excellent job doing the repair. There can you see that where the line goes straight up where it has been repainted? They did a beautiful job touching it up. This is a beautiful hand painted French piece with a romantic scene and is also a little trinket or vanity box. Let's see if I can open it for you. It is tricky to open with one hand. Here you can see the inside. It is not lined, but of course porcelain. I just think these are romantic pieces to give as gifts or put jewelry in as a jewelry box. Marked France on the bottom and you can see it is an old piece. It is probably about 6-7 inches wide. Aren't those hand painted flowers just beautiful too with the colors in pastels and pinks. In addition to vanity boxes I think perfume bottles always make a unique gift for Valentine's Day too. These are all hand blown cased glass flower perfume bottles. Look at the little stopper. This would have been made to hold your perfume. This is not an antique, but a vintage piece, but beautiful nonetheless to sit up on a vanity or in the bathroom or on your dresser. I have these in different colors all from the same collection. This one is a deep tangerine peach color and just like the other one looks like the floral shape is that of an orchid. The stamen comes out. They are in great condition with no chips or damage of any kind. These are cased glass pieces. So what do we mean by cased glass? By cased glass you see it is cased in clear glass. Here you can see what that looks like a little better. We have these in blue and in different shades of pink. Here are some other ideas as far as perfume bottles go that are not going to be quite as expensive and look something like this. This is a pretty piece. Based on how the light hits and where the piece is sitting it looks like a light blue here, but in regular light is a faint pink lavender color. You can see it has a design of a woman there and then of a nude woman here and either a cherub or angel. This is another really pretty perfume bottle. You can buy antique perfume bottles and vintage perfume bottles by all kinds of makers at all types of price points. Here is another little trinket box that is brand new that we just got in. It is another French piece. A beautiful blue milk glass. This has a hunting dog on the top as the finial. There you can see the gun and the pouch and everything with it. As you turn it around you can see it is a rectangular trinket box. Again, these make cute gifts. Maybe your wife is a dog breeder or maybe just a dog lover. These are something that you don't see every day that you can set out and admire and look at all year long. The last thing I am going to share with you are a few Lladro porcelain figurines. These make a nice gift any time of the year. Lladro figurines are porcelain figurines made in Spain and it seems there is a Lladro made for every occasion. This one has two little girls getting ready for a ballet recital. Look at all the little flowers and the detail in every little petal. You can see she is holding a little flower in her hand. This would be an adorable gift maybe from a grandmother wanting to get her granddaughter started with a little Lladro collection. Maybe for a little girl that is in ballet or who likes a particular animal. This is one of my favorites. Maybe for those of you who have wives that are dog lovers or sisters or friends who are dog lovers this is the perfect Lladro. This one is called Pick of the Litter. The little girl is sitting on top of the dog house. The mama dog is inside the dog house and there are the puppies. I love this piece. Definitely one of my favorites. Anyway those are some cute Valentine gift ideas. I almost forgot these are cute too and are on the lower end of the price range. These are what women would collect their hair in and were known as antique hair receivers. They would store their hair and then use it to fill pillows etc. I think these make really neat gifts on the sink and the vanity. They are not very expensive and they are cute and decorative and I think they make a cute trinket box for your rings by the kitchen sink for your jewelry or watches. They are kind of a sweet little gift to give to a friend, a sister, little girl etc. They are a neat little piece and something that is not very expensive but makes a great gift and these have a story. We all love a story right? So anyway, these are our ideas. These pieces are all up on the website. If there is something you are looking for, but can't find be sure and message us. Tell me what you think of my videos. I am trying to work on getting better at my videos, but if you have any comments I would love to hear them. I am trying to make these better, more fun, more informative and I need ideas and I need some help. Tell me what you think of the channel. Tell me what you think of the videos. I am always open to constructive criticism because I am trying to make the channel better and I am trying to get more people to come to the site and join in on the fun. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and check out our website at Subscribe to our YouTube channel and please again tell me what you think. If there is something you want to see or see more of put it in the comments box and we will see you next week. Have a beautiful day and Happy Valentine's Day!

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