Hanging Planters in the Garden

April 29, 2021

Hanging Planters in the Garden Visit our collection of garden planters Video transcription:  Hi! This is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with this week's find of the week. This week I have another beautiful hanging wrought iron planter to share with you. I actually have this one hanging in front of the chicken coop. It's like a cathedral style. There is a large one and small one and all the specs will be up on the website. The large is pretty large and very heavy. You can see how ornate these are. There is a hook up here at the top so all you have to do is hook it on to something. It is a very detailed piece and very heavy especially after you have your plants in it and after you have watered. This hanging garden planter has about a 14" diameter opening. You can plant your individual plants in here. Keep in mind this is probably about 8 inches from left to right so it may be difficult to get a huge pot, like a 12 inch, in here. This large size makes it really nice for planting. You can add your sphagnum moss. I put calibrachoa in here, which looks like a miniature petunia and there are some deep purple petunias in here as well as some Creeping Jenny. Again, this piece is off white but made to look rustic so it will have areas of rust to make it look old. You can place a coconut coir liner on the inside so your dirt doesn't fall through the bottom of the planter. It also has this ornate finial on the bottom. Like I said, all the dimensions will be on the website. There is a larger size and smaller size hanging planter of the same thing. We also have these cute metal containers. I like them as planters, that's why I have them up here on the chicken coop. You can see these scrolled brackets which also allows you to use them as shelves when flipped upside down. They are super cute! Anyway be sure and check out all of our gardening planters and hanging baskets at www.cityfarmhouseantiques.com where we have more than antiques and be sure and go give us a like on Facebook. Have a great day and tell us where you would hang these. Do you have chickens? Tell us what you think about these planters and where you would put them in  your yard.

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