How to Guide for Shipping Antique Glass, Art Glass, and Porcelain

December 11, 2016

How to Guide for Shipping Antique Glass, Art Glass, and Porcelain

I have researched many ways to pack antique glass eventually developing my own method along the way that has become successful for shipping our art glass, antique glass, and porcelain all over the world.  Depending upon the type and weight of your glass piece, distance, weather, and transport methods, you may choose to alter these steps.

Start by wrapping the glass with a layer of small bubble wrap. Tape it securely and then repeat the process with 1-2 layers of large bubble wrap.  Keep in mind that the bubbles need to face the inside for best protection.  Once the piece is wrapped you should not be able to feel the glass inside the bubble wrap.  Secure with tape. Once wrapped, use a roll of stretch plastic wrap to tightly wrap the piece.  Now you are ready to box.  Mark your piece if you wish for it to sit a certain way within the box to avoid pressure on any delicate areas.

Use a box that will allow for 2-3 inches of packing peanuts all around the piece.  Add 2-3 inches of peanuts to the bottom of the box and place your piece inside. Fill the box with peanuts gently shaking the box a few time for the peanuts to settle. NEVER ship glass in a used box. The integrity of a used box is insufficient. I made this mistake once and will never do it again. The box looked great when I shipped it out, but it arrived in terrible shape. I couldn’t believe it was the same box. 

Keep in mind that high quality art glass like Murano Glass, Lalique, and other Crystal pieces are extremely heavy and will shift within the box settling to the bottom where they are no longer protected with packing peanuts.  Pack heavy pieces of glass box within box to ensure protection despite shifting.

Always mark your boxes fragile.  I ship with USPS and FedEx, but prefer FedEx Home service for my larger, very fragile, items as drivers are personally responsible for their packages.

Anytime there are great fluctuations in temperatures between an outside and inside environment allow the box to sit at room temperature for several hours prior to opening.  Depending upon the type of glass, especially old antique glass, it can crack when unwrapped too quickly.

Of course it always helps to have a little extra help in the shipping department. Zeppelin, our shipping manager, is always happy to lend a paw to get all of our daily shipments out on time. If your lucky, you'll find a trace of him in your box. 

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