How to Identify Daum Crystal Glass

July 02, 2022 3 Comments

How to Identify Daum Crystal Glass

Find our entire crystal collection. Video translation: Hi, this is Jennifer with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with a few beautiful pieces of Daum crystal for this week's find of the week. This technique used is called pate de verre. This is a beautiful technique done very frequently by Daum crystal. This happens to be a wall sconce. This is a beautiful amethyst purple highlighted in an amber. Of course these Daum pieces come in well padded and molded foam that they are packaged in. Daum was a crystal studio that started back in 1878 by Jean Daum. Isn't this wall sconce absolutely breathtaking? It just hangs on the wall. Look at the detail on this piece. The beautiful butterfly, the leaves, and there is a salamander or lizard. The furls of the tail wrap around the edges of the sconce. Here is where you would put it on the wall over a light and it glows. There will be bubbles within the texture of the glass from the pate de verre technique which is normal and not considered a flaw. I wanted you to see the signature. I did see it somewhere. There is the signature right there. Pieces will be typically signed Daum France on these more modern pieces. What I wanted to show you is how it looks when illuminated under the light. I pulled this light out so you can see how it glows over the light. It is gorgeous. This piece is fairly rare. It is about 10 inches from top to bottom and then probably about 8 inches wide. Wanted to show you that piece. That is my sexy light there. Then I have another beautiful piece to show you. These are typically the boxes they come in. This happens to be one of my favorite pieces that they have ever made. I come across this piece from time to time. This is their pate de verre iris bowl. This is the larger crystal centerpiece bowl. There style comes in a larger and smaller centerpiece bowl. Very, very heavy. I can hardly lift it with one hand. We don't need the light anymore. Look at this beautiful piece. The pate de verre technique is done by grinding the glass down to almost the consistency of grains of sugar.very fine paste. The colored glass is then spooned into a mold and then fired in a kiln. That is what gives this  beautiful, almost opaque sugar like appearance. You can see the irises here that go around the edge of this glass centerpiece bowl. There will be a signature on the bottom. Here you can see the signature on the edge. It says Daum France. This is crystal. As far as signatures go you will see variations in the signatures between the 1890 and 1945 period, but really anything more modern than that like 1945 to present there is only going to be four different variations in the signature and 99% of them from 1960 to 1999 are going to be marked like these pieces I showed you today. Some of them may be marked Daum.France or Daum France with the cross of Lorraine in the middle and some could have, although rare, be marked  Daum Cristal. The wall sconce is probably more rare than this bowl. When I come across this Daum iris bowl I love to pick them up even if I have them for just a short time. I could look at this piece all day it is just gorgeous. I can see this as a decorative centerpiece on a table. Some of them will have felt tips on the bottom so it doesn't scratch your table, it doesn't look like this one does, but I would put it on a big beautiful table to display it and enjoy it everyday. Be sure and check out all our pieces at where we have art glass and collectibles as well as antiques. Give us a like on our Facebook page. Tell us what you think of this video and what you would like to see in the future. If we don't have something posted that you are interested in message us on our website at See you next week.

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June 06, 2023

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Jennifer Hickey
Jennifer Hickey

December 04, 2022

Phillip, Thank you so much for your purchase. That is a gorgeous piece and your wife is going to be so excited! I am so glad you found us! You should have your piece by now! Happy Holidays! Jennifer


November 26, 2022

I had my eye on this lillies bowl as a Christmas gift for my wife for some time and was about to order a new one from Daum directly. It wouldn’t have arrived in time for Christmas, but I think that would have been OK. Anyway, since I had never seen anything like this in person, I decided at the last minute to do a quick search on YouTube and came across your video, which sealed the deal for me. But I still thought I would be ordering from Daum. I just happened to check your website on a lark and saw that it was still available! Lucky me! And looking forward to receiving it before Christmas! Just a note to say thanks and let you know that your YouTube videos are effective.

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