How to Unpack and Unwrap Shipped Antique Porcelain & Art Glass

August 16, 2019

How to Unpack and Unwrap Shipped Antique Porcelain & Art Glass

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Video Translation: Hi this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I thought because I did the video last week on wrapping antique porcelain and art glass to ship. I received these pieces last night and I thought it would be important and informative to give you tips on how to unwrap your pieces once you get them. So lets say you order an antique vase from me and you receive it. It will look much like this piece here. It is going to be wrapped in the bubble wrap and will be taped. The most important thing I always tell my customers is to cut away the tape just like so. This is a very expensive art glass vase. So you have to be careful not to go too deep with your scissors and you can also see that I have this piece resting on something. You want to always unwrap your things on a table, in the box, etc. You don't want to hold it and unwrap it because if it gets away from you and rolls out it's a goner. Lots of times when you use this tape you won't  be able to save your bubble wrap. You want to slide down the edges  and sides as you can see here that way you aren't pulling. Many people make the mistake of pulling and yanking and if you have a very delicate piece you can break it by just unwrapping it. The guys at FedEx recommend using a painter's tape because it can easily be peeled off, but the painter's tape doesn't seal as well nor does it pull your bubble wrap ends together so again you will want to cut. You don't have do go the entire depth of the bubble wrap, you just want to cut under the surface. When you get done on the side it seems like you have to cut a few extra snippets. This is a really expensive vase so I am trying to be very careful. Once you are done cutting, you can gently roll it out just like so. I am seeing this vase for the first time just like you are.'s beautiful. This is an Arsall French Cameo glass vase. Look at the way the light shines through it. Oh that is beautiful and it is in excellent condition. Again, you don't want your scissors to go too deep. You don't want to scratch your glass. You also don't want to pull if this was a delicate piece like we talked about as you could break the stem etc. I will sit this back in here. I am sure you are going to want to see my other piece too. This piece is not as breakable. Again, you are going to go in and do a snippet where you see the tape. Unwrap your piece. This is an Asian Cinnabar vase. Oh, that's beautiful. So I hope that helps you when you are unwrapping your pieces and when you get your pieces that are well wrapped. Also pulling away any packing peanuts is helpful because you don't know what is packed underneath or how it is packed. Pulling those away and then putting them somewhere else or in another box so you can see what you are doing while you are working and getting down to the bottom of your box is helpful if your box contains several items. Be sure and check us out on our website at where we have more than just antiques and give us a like on Facebook.

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