Lundberg Studios Art Glass Collection

October 17, 2021 2 Comments

Lundberg Studios Art Glass Collection

Find our gorgeous collection of Lundberg Art Glass Video Transcription: Hi this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques. I want to share with you this beautiful collection that I just brought back to the shop. I have not posted a video in a little bit because I have been super, super busy and you are fixing to find out why. This is just a little teaser here, but isn't this luscious? This is a little tulip lampshade. Can you imagine just having a beautiful bronze lamp with these tulip shades hanging off of it. There are a set of 6. Look at how deep and beautiful these colors are. This is a deep deep purple. I don't even have lights on it! I do not even have a light in here. This is natural light and it is still in the box. Here you can see I am taking it out of the box. Look at the deep luster and color on this piece. I have an entire collection. We are going to get these pieces up on the website. I love this piece. Can you see the stars? These art glass pieces are all from Lundberg studios. Lundberg studios was started back in 1970 by James Lundberg. He was in love with art glass and with every piece that he made. He felt that glass was just pure magic. Those of us that collect art glass, that is why we become addicted to it and love it. It can be an expensive hobby, but there is nothing more beautiful to look at than a piece of glass in all of its glory. A lot of people use art glass pieces as home decor accents or to display in a glass case. Look at the detail and iridescence on this piece. It is absolutely stunning. The colors go from gold to a cobalt blue rim to every color...amethyst purple, fuchsia and gold. These are not small pieces either. They are marked and signed on the bottom. These pieces are all hand blown. Here you can actually see the pontil on the bottom where they separated the vase from the big piece of molten glass. I think these beautiful goblets are neat. Look at these perfectly crimped edges. They are a pretty peach and green in a pulled feather design with a long stem. The colors of Lundberg studios pieces are just remarkable. James Lundberg knew that as his business grew he would not be able to maintain production all on his own so he brought in new talent over the years. Those artists have created their own designs and are well known for their individual styles and pieces. This is a beautiful piece. Here you can see the inside of this glass vase. If there is something that you like that you see because the pieces will go fast you can message me. All you have to do is get on our website at message me and tell me what you saw that you liked and we can help you. We ship our antiques and collectibles all over the world it just depends upon where you are. These pieces are absolutely gorgeous. Let us cheat and I will show you another piece here still wrapped in the box. Look at this. They are just beautiful. Look at the iridescence on these pieces and the design. I will sit this one out here. Don't be afraid, there is residue on some of these. Very easy to take off I just have not done it yet. You can see the signature of Lundberg studios is the richness of color in all their pieces and the extreme detail in each hand blown piece of glass. They make pieces to look antique to replicate the style and color of Tiffany glass and some pieces are made to look more modern. This is also one of my favorite pieces here. Look at this one. I love this one. It is ribbed. It has the beautiful gold favrile inside and then it's got the cobalt blue rim and the beautiful detailing. It is just gorgeous. We have an entire collection. It will take me a while to get this done. Lundberg studios is in California. They still produce glass. These pieces here are pieces from limited editions that are no longer made. It is just interesting the story behind their legacy which just started in a backyard hot shop and their pieces have come to be collected all over the world by art glass enthusiasts. Here is one more beautiful piece..well there are a lot of beautiful pieces, but I will share one more with you. I have two gorgeous Jack in the Pulpit pieces. Jack in the Pulpit for those of you that don't know are one of my favorites because of their shape. They have a hole in the middle. I have to be so so careful. Here you can see. Look at that. Isn't that beautiful. It looks like a flower with the hole in the middle. This is a green piece going into a gold favrile color. You will see all our pieces up on the website at where we have more than just antiques. Go give us a like on Facebook. If you collect art glass tell us what kind of art glass do you like to collect...:Lalique glass, Murano glass, Crystal glass, Bohemian glass, Fenton Glass...message us and tell us. We love to share our stories and pictures of our glass. We do also buy glass, antiques, and collectibles so message us for more information. See you next week.

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August 15, 2022
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Dawn Mann
Dawn Mann

July 29, 2022

Are all of your pieces signed. I am looking at one that’s at a estate sale. But it is not signed on the bottom. Could it be a reproduction of your product? Thank you very much for your time. Your glass is spectacular.

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