Find of the Week Mexican Artist, Sergio Bustmante

June 25, 2021

Find of the Week Mexican Artist, Sergio Bustmante Find our gorgeous collection of Fine Art Video Translation: Hi, it's Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here again with a very unusual find of the week. As you know here at City Farmhouse Antiques we not only have antiques but we have collectibles, we have sculptures, as well as home decor. If you are an interior designer looking for that perfect piece for a home, or you are a collector looking for different pieces from various artists or if you are just somebody looking for home decor and unique pieces we are it! One stop shopping. So this week our find of the week is a very, very unique piece and in fact I have been too afraid to take it out of the box. Very expensive, and very limited piece. You are never going to guess who this artist is. He is known for his surreal characters. You can see already how surreal this piece is. This piece is made by a Mexican artist who still resides in Mexico and he is a renowned artist and his pieces all over the world and especially in Mexico where he is from. Sergio Bustamante is the name of the artist or sculptor. He was born in 1962 in Sinaloa, Mexico. Once you have seen his artwork you will recognize it. He art has a very unique style and he is known for his surreal depictions of animals or animals that are part human. This isn't an animal, but a half crescent moon on a person. I will show you the rest of him when I pull him out. Sergio Bustamante uses paper maiche, wood, bronze and ceramics as his medium. When he went to school in Mexico City he exhibited for the first time in 1966 and once he graduated he worked with local ceramicists. In 1972 he moved to Amsterdam to learn more about paint and design and then in 1975 established his own workshop in Mexico where he still resides today. So, this is a very, very unique piece. I don't want anything to happen to it while I take it out of the box so excuse me for doing this with only two hands, but you have to think about the piece and not the phone. There I got it out of the's heavy. Look how unusual this is. I actually have two pieces of his right now, this will be the first piece we are going to put up on the website, but see how this this piece is like half moon and half human. Isn't that unusual? Let's see if I can get farther away so you can see the whole sculpture. We have the soap over here and there is the brush. Look at the blue. A very, very unique piece. There are a lot of people that are avid collectors of his work. This piece is just amazing. AMAZING! I just love it! So you can see that this would go in a certain type of home or to a certain type of collector. Let me show you the back. Look at all the detail on the piece. He has such an imagination. I mean really, you have to have quite the imagination to think of these types of things. This piece is probably about 2 ft tall. Turning it is moving my paper all around, but I don't want to lift it with one hand. Isn't this incredible. I mean look at all the different coloring and bronzing on the face of the half moon. Of course it was signed. There were only 50 of these piece ever made so this is an exceptionally rare piece that we will have up on the website at Be sure and sign up for our newsletter. You want to sign up for our newsletter to find out about all of our new arrivals because we get new arrivals all the time like this one and then they are gone. If you are a collector and you want the heads up on what is coming or what is going to be listed you definitely want to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest and the greatest so be sure and check out all our pieces at Again, where we have more than just antiques. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend. We are coming up on a long weekend. Take care, and I enjoyed sharing this piece with you.

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