Pick of the Litter

February 12, 2021

Pick of the Litter View our entire Lladro collection.  Video translation: Hi it's Jennifer here with this week's find of the week at City Farmhouse Antiques and I have to share with you this cute little figurine. As you can see it is another Lladro this week and she happens to be one of my favorites. I had another little girl who had a carriage full of puppies but she sold. This one is titled Pick of the Litter and you can see why. There is mama dog inside the dog house and there this little girl is playing with her litter of puppies which is definitely where I would rather be right now. She has puppies in the skillet. There can you see her face? Isn't she precious? She is holding a puppy there. In fact this Lladro is so cute I can't even keep it in the box. This one does come with the box and the box is in great condition, but I can't keep her in the box because I want to look at her and enjoy her until someone buys her. I just think she is that cute. She is about 10 inches tall. She is not real big, but one of these cute pieces that captures those good childhood memories especially if you are a dog lover and into puppies. This again is a Lladro. Lladros are made in Spain. Many people collect Lladros for obvious reasons, they are just beautiful. Tell us if you collect Lladros. If you collect Lladros what type do you collect? Do you collect a certain type of animal or certain style of Lladro? They have a beautiful collection of Asian Lladro figurines like the one I featured last week "Springtime in Japan". What do you collect? It might not be Lladros at all, but another type of antique or vintage line of figurine. Message us. Tell us what you collect. Be sure and check out all our Lladros. Our collection is always ever changing. We get new ones in as we sell some so our collection online is always changing at www.cityfarmhouseantiques.com where we have more than just antiques and go give us a like on Facebook. If you have a specific Lladro you are looking for and can't find message us on the website and I will keep my eyes open for you to look for one for you. Have a great Friday!

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