This Glass Antique Night Light Glows Like A Fairy Caught in A Jar

June 25, 2021

This  Glass Antique Night Light Glows Like A Fairy Caught in A Jar View our entire collection of antique glass. Video Transcription: Hi, This is Jennifer with City Farmhouse Antiques and I have something cute here for you today. It is an antique. Be sure and sign up so you can be in "the know" of all of our latest finds because this is going to be how you are going to find out about our newest pieces because they go quickly. This little piece is an English piece. Isn't that different? It almost looks like half of an egg now doesn't it? So, you can see this is two pieces. This is an antique night light. This dates back to the late 1800's. You can see it is signed...well, not necessarily signed, but marked. It is a fairly light made for Clark. This is a cut pressed glass bottom that the top piece fits in. This is burmese glass. When you see this color pattern where it goes from a pretty rose pink to a creamy, buttery yellow that is what is known as burmese in the antique glass world. This top piece fits right inside the pressed glass dish. They would have used these back in the late 1800's in the Victorian era. Aren't they adorable. It is tiny. It is only about 4 inches tall by about almost 3 inches wide. It is little, so it would have been placed on a night stand. It has two pieces and it is made to fit a little tiny tea light and rest on a night stand. For someone that collects these this a perfect addition to an antique glass collection. These pieces were made out of burmese glass because when they have a candle inside them they glow like a fairy caught in a jar. Isn't that cute? So this one of our newest little picks that will be up on the website at where we always have more than just antiques. We have collectibles and garden decor and all kinds of great stuff for gifts and home. Be sure and check us out and be sure to sign up when you go on to our home page for all the latest finds and you will get them right in your inbox so you don't miss anything. See you next week.

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