There Can Never Be Too Many Dogs in the Garden

February 21, 2020

There Can Never Be Too Many Dogs in the Garden

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Video translation: Hi this is Jennifer here with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with our find of the week. You know we have more than just antiques. We have a lot of home decor, garden decor, statues, collectibles and that kind of thing. Because like most of us, I'm a dog lover, we just received more dog garden statues and planters for the garden. Here you can see they are garden planters. We have a little pug here and I just put these floral balls in here. He is a little planter. They don't have holes in the bottom so you would just place a 6" little pot in the basket here for decoration and surround it with Spanish moss to hide the pot to use it by your front door to greet guests. These dog garden planters are made out of a magnesium oxide so they are going to be safe for outdoors should you decide to keep them outside. This planter is a lab. Here you can see he has a bone in his mouth and here are his little straps going across his chest and shoulders holding his basket. He is sitting up on his haunches with his basket in the back. I filled the basket with tulips, perfect for spring, and again you can probably hold a small  4" pot of flowers in this one or some artificial flowers like I did. Here is another little planter and this dog looks like a Golden Retriever or Lab and you can see he is holding a little basket in his mouth. All these dog figurines are super cute for the garden and you can decorate them however you like. As far as size, they are about 15" tall, the pug and the lab and about 8" wide. They are a nice little size and will be up on our website at where we have more than just antiques and be sure and give us a like over on Facebook.

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