This Artist Believed in Capturing the Innocence of Children

January 21, 2022

This Artist Believed in Capturing the Innocence of Children

Find this gorgeous piece with our doll collection:

Video Transcription: Hi, this is Jennifer with City Farmhouse Antiques and I am here with this week's find of the week. I loved this beautiful wooden had carved figurine the moment I saw it. It is no surprise that this piece is by no other than the infamous Juan Ferrandiz. He was a very famous wood sculptor that lived his entire life in Barcelona and made and designed a lot of pieces for Anri. This piece is titled Friendship and really captures everything the artist loved and designed depicting the innocence and wonder of children. He mostly did wood sculptures of children. He found as adults we lose that innocent carefree and beautiful little spirit that he liked to capture in all his beautiful figurines. He made nativities of children that are highly sought after and collectible as well as many other types of sculptures. He had a deep love for animals that is portrayed in his pieces just like this one. Here you can see the little bird on top of this little boy's hat and the little lamb he is carrying. This piece is perfect for spring. This little boy also has his basket of apples. You can find this piece in many different sizes like 3", 6", etc. but this one is actually a monument piece at almost 2 feet tall and is absolutely gorgeous. This is an older piece so it isn't going to be perfect and it does have some imperfections and minor wear to the color from age as you can see here, but is otherwise in beautiful condition. This entire piece was carved by hand. Isn't this just amazing? The little boy's scarf, the umbrella, the lamb, his little tail in the back. This is just a beautiful depiction of the innocence of a child. Here you can see that it is signed down here. This is a limited edition piece. There were only 250 of these in this size ever made. Look at all the facets in the carving that he did when he carved it. Underneath...let me pick it up on the other side. It is a little heavy to do one handed. I believe this one is numbered 64 of 250. Yep, he is numbered 64 of 250. This limited edition piece will be up on the website where we have a lot of different things other than antiques such as collectibles and things for the garden and now that we are getting closer to spring it is the perfect time to look for unique home decor pieces and gifts. Again, this piece is by Juan Ferrandiz who lived from 1907 to 1997....(shame on my me my math was wrong in the video..I guess I can't talk and do math at the same time). Tell us what you collect. Are you a collector of a certain artist? Do you collect art glass or antique porcelain? Be sure and check out our website at and go give us a like on Facebook. We will see you next week.

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