Who is Giuseppe Armani the Artist?

February 23, 2018 2 Comments

Who is Giuseppe Armani the Artist?

The beauty in Giuseppe Armani’s artwork is unmistakable. Known for his love of realism and attention to detail Giuseppe Armani’s career really began as a child. Born in 1935 in a small Italian community known as Calci near Pisa, Italy he began drawing at a very young age. These were not just any drawings, but drawings with detail that exhibited realism and raw talent. People marveled at his drawings. As he got older he dreamed of pursuing a career with his talent and wanted to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. When his father died suddenly he was forced to postpone his plans to help earn money to provide for the family. Despite the family tragedy, he continued to draw later entering a sculpture into a local contest.  A priest noticing the piece was astonished at the fine detail and precision of his work and took the piece to the Art Gallery of Pisa where his dreams became a reality. The gallery owners quickly agreed that he deserved a chance at perfecting his abilities as an artist and they offered him a position at the gallery immediately. Working at the Gallery of Pisa, Armani was able to explore different techniques of other master artists from the Renaissance era while perfecting his own style. In 1975 the reputable Florence Sculture d’Arte studio in Tuscany offered him a position to work exclusively for their studio promising him his own creative freedom. He took the job and remained a member of the studio until his passing in October of 2006. Throughout his career although his figurines reflected realism he showcased various collections such as Disney and the Passion of Christ. His cold cast porcelain pieces are known to come in different finishes making the same figurine look completely different.  Finish marks can be found on pieces.  The glossary of finish patinas follows.  

“B” Finish – Marble patina

“C” Finish – Bright color patina

“E” Finish – Mosaic pattern patina

“F” Finish – Flesh color patina

“M” Finish – Metallic patina

“P” Finish – Pastel patina

“T” Finish – Earthy Terra-cotta patina


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September 03, 2022

I have a just up to Armani figurine. Date in 1973 made in Italy and I cannot find the figurine listed anywhere on line. How do I understand the cost and more about this figurine. The figurine appears to be a young girl playing a lute, she has a scarf tied around her head

Stacey Dufrene
Stacey Dufrene

February 24, 2020

I have figurines by Armani that have other signatures and I’m trying to find information. Any help would be appreciated.

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